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Speed Wings

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This information has been provided by Nik Valiris Chief Coach at the TVHGC .......

Just a quick check point for those using (sub 20m2) Speed Wings and Mini Paragliders on BHPA sites.

Pilots must make sure they have the 'Development Gliders Endorsement' with the BHPA to fly uncertified sub-20m2 wings.  Without this endorsement with the BHPA you will be uninsured and flying outside the rules of the BHPA should anything happen.  It also means the club itself is operating outside the BHPA rules so affect us all.  However thankfully it is simple to apply for and only needs to be registered once.  I have included the link below:

Also to comply with BHPA Rules and Regulations for these uncertified wings they must be registered with the BHPA using the ‘Wing Registration’ form.  The process and link to the form for this I have attached below and again its simple and straight forward:

If you intend on using sub 20m2 (mini paragliders or speed wings) wings on BHPA sites please make sure you have both of these covered.

Many thanks,