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April 5th 2014

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Perfect conditions for a flight to the Whitehorse, Dave was the first to take off, followed by Pete and Stephen.

@17:00 I was the last to take off while the other 3 circled above.  I had to abort the launch as my mic got caught in the risers during a reverse launch.  By the time I was set up for a second attempt the others had given up and were already on their way to the Whitehorse.  

My second attempt was perfect, took off and headed towards Uffington, there was a SW wind and I was making about 18mph ground speed with trimmers right out and managed to catchup with the others.  After some flying over the Whitehorse, I headed back and landed - 40min flight, fairly smooth air!

Had a short 2nd flight to try out my SLR camera and attempt to get some photos of Challow Hill Farm, however didn't have the camera set up correctly and the pictures were under exposed.  Using photoshop I managed to get one ok photo, but I had to enhance it in Photoshop (see original and enhanced image below):-

Photoshop Enhanced

Original Image (Under Exposed)