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3rd May 2014

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I managed a 30min flight Saturday morning and landed at 9am just as the thermals started kicking off.  

Weekend got off to a bad start for Paul & K, they got stuck in the mud Friday night.  However a great forecast bought out many pilots and once the ground dried a bit on Saturday afternoon, we all helped push them out of the mud!

During the evening I had another flight, it was NIL wind and I could go 25mph in any direction!  However it was cold and I only had thin gloves on, so I wasn’t up for long.  I was supposed to go on an XC to fly various Wiltshire White Horses with Stephen (see -, but he had an engine out and landed in the NE field with the cows!  So this will be a task for another time!  

Francis was training students Scott, Maggie and Phil P.  Scott managed to get 2 flights in, both forward launches and I took a video of his second flight:-

Phil almost got off the ground, but ended up aborting:-